Hello i've got a jekyll application with the follow structure:


The jeykll application is integrated with cms contentful and data is pushed in the _data folder.

I wanna create the following workflow:

  • Publish/Unpublish data on CMS Contentful
  • Webhook on contentful is trigger some URL
  • Project is rebuild with new data
  • Project is visible on GitHub Pages

On my research i found this information: https://www.contentful.com/developers/docs/ruby/tutorials/automated-rebuild-and-deploy-with-circleci-and-webhooks/

What i do not understand i how must structure my repository on github. In alot of tutorials _site is added in .gitignore. That doesn't make any sense if i want my site visible on github pages?

Do i need to add my whole project to the repository and can i make only _site visible for the githubpage?

Thanks for any help!

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