My project is a react project.

My website is a mutilanguage website, when I change the web language. moment.locale(lang) not working.

My code is:

const startDate = moment.utc(start).locale(lang);
const endDate = moment.utc(end).locale(lang);

whatever I set lang I check the startDate.locale() always is 'en' startDate.format('ll') result always is English.


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If the project was created using create-react-app, moment locales were probably excluded by default.

This is now documented in the "Moment.js locales are missing" section of create-react-app's troubleshooting guide.

Solution: explicitly import locales in addition to 'moment':

import moment from 'moment';
import 'moment/locale/fr';
import 'moment/locale/es';
// etc. as required
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    I had to add "/dist" to the import: import 'moment/dist/locale/es' Aug 2, 2022 at 18:37
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    @HectorToro you helped me thanks
    – muyoungko
    Mar 11 at 4:00

According to this github issue, from 2022 on or so, it has to be imported like so:

import moment from 'moment';
import 'moment/dist/locale/de';


if this doesn't work, try this change:

import moment from 'moment/dist/moment';
  • thanks, i used import 'moment/locale/fr'; or import 'moment/lib/locale/fr'; but not working import 'moment/dist/locale/fr'; work Oct 7, 2022 at 9:16
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    Bloody christ thanks for this. Nothing worked, this did. Dec 5, 2022 at 21:03

For a react native app importing moment like this fixed the issue

import moment from 'moment/min/moment-with-locales';


  • I was looking for the exact solution for my React project, your suggestion worked great. Thank you very much. Mar 12 at 14:14

I think if you do

import 'moment/min/locales'

Instead of individual import of each locale. In my case it resolve my problem

  • Got them to bundle for me.
    – Luke
    Feb 20, 2023 at 16:25

I found the solution here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/55334751/8318855

You should use the moment.updateLocale function


Reactjs 18.2.0 Moment 2.30.1

import moment from "moment";
import 'moment/locale/ru';

let now = moment();

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