How to apply inner join operation in two dataframes having 100k rows?.I have 8 GB Ram of computer and used Dask but still my computer get hanged.What is the proper solution?

          import pandas as pd
          import numpy as np

          import dask.dataframe as dd
          import time
          SData = dd.read_csv("KD_111.csv")
          TData = dd.read_csv("KD_111_T.csv")
          SData["Unique"] = SData["OrderDate"]+ SData["Region"] +   (SData["Rep"]) + SData["Item"]
          TData["Unique"] = TData["OrderDate"]+ TData["Region"] + TData["Rep"] + TData["Item"]
  • How about separate these files by join key? – Harper Koo Apr 12 at 7:28
  • Whenever i tried to compute or save dataframe to csv or any other file,my pc get hanged,may be some memory error. – Abhinav - Apr 12 at 7:34
  • Do not read the whole files at the same time, but read several lines of the file, separate them into different files and then read another several lines. – Harper Koo Apr 12 at 8:37
  • Thanx ,I will try – Abhinav - Apr 12 at 8:51
  • Reading file doesn't take time,but actual problem in converting to csv – Abhinav - Apr 12 at 8:52

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