We are using HDP 2.4 and have many map reduce jobs written in various ways ( java MR / Hive / etc. ) . The logs are collect in hadoop file system under the application ID. I want to collect all the logs of application and append in single file (hdfs or OS files of one machine) so that I can analyze my application log in a single location with out hassle . Also advise me the best way to achieve in HDP 2.4 ( Stack version info => HDFS / YARN / MapReduce2 / Log Search 0.5.0 / Flume ) .

Flume cannot collect the logs after they are already on HDFS.

In order to do this, you need a Flume agent running on all NodeManagers pointed at the configured yarn.log.dir, and somehow parse out the application/container/attempt/file information from the local OS file path.

I'm not sure how well collecting into a "single file" would work, as each container generates at least 5 files of different information, but YARN log aggregation already does this. It's just not in a readable file format in HDFS unless you are using Splunk/Hunk, as far as I know

Alternative solutions include indexing these files into actual search services like Solr or Elasticsearch, which I would recommend for storing and searching logs over HDFS

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