This looks a kind of duplicate question but actually NOT.

So the problem is has events, for sure. But when I tried on Facebook Group API toolkit, it returns empty array.

Why is this happening? I could not find any Facebook API endpoint modification notice, at all. It was working okay before.

Please help me.

  • that´s a page, what would you want to achieve with the group api? – luschn Apr 12 at 9:06
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Access to the Events API is not possible at the moment:

...apps currently accessing Events and Groups APIs will lose access today

Update: After Facebook did a lot of changes, it seems to be possible to get events again. You can get events from Pages you manage easily in dev mode. If you want to get public events, you may want to read the answer in this thread: Facebook pages API: "Page Public Content Access" review screencast

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    Oh.. no, what the hell, how come Facebook made such a decision :-( – Codemole Apr 12 at 12:58
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    has there been any word if Facebook will allow to get the events data anytime soon? – Carlos Apr 19 at 4:30
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    They will probably delay as much as possible... – Jean Apr 23 at 9:55
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    But the next sentence says: "Going forward, access to these APIs will require a formal app review and for apps using the Pages API, submission is required within 90 days once app review resumes or access will be removed." what if you have an app which is in dev mode? What is the point of an app review when testing an app? – Guus May 11 at 6:56
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    Today on it says "This edge is only available to a limited number of approved apps. Unapproved apps querying this edge will receive an empty data set in response. You cannot request access to this edge at this time." – Ivo Smits May 24 at 14:01

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