I got a problem with all the dialogs i'm using, each one of them take about 5 to 10 seconds to load after the request, there is anyway to better implement it?

    <xe:dialog id="dialog_document" title="Previsão de Recursos">
                <xc:cc_previsao_recurso_desktop />
                <xp:eventHandler event="onHide" submit="true"
                    refreshMode="partial" refreshId="tabelas" onStart="showLoading();">

                    XSP.partialRefreshGet("#{id:div_tabela_cronograma}", {
                        onComplete: function() {
                            XSP.partialRefreshGet("#{id:tabelas}", {
                                onComplete: function() { 


  • I don't see anything wrong with that code, although I don't know what you're doing in the custom control. Does it still load slow If you remove that? Could the problem be in the event handler that opens the dialog (where you might do an 'complete' refresh)? – Mark Leusink Apr 15 at 8:46

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