Is there any way to open a file in notepad++ which (its full path) is already available in clipboard?

I would like to do this with a shortcut, but it seems to me, there is no notepad ++ command to do this. I have already checked this site: http://docs.notepad-plus-plus.org/index.php/Clipboard_Uses#Using_the_clipboard_text_as_a_parameter

I know the way to set shortcuts and I have already found this command: right click to a text than "Open File" (Edit - On Selection - Open File)- it works for full path - and I could set a shortcut as well, but I don't want to open a new tab and paste the content of my clipboard to use it every time..

The classic ctrl + O - File -Open... dont work for me, because in the dialog page - I didn't find any way to paste a full path - but I am opened to do this somehow..

So please give me a way, to open files in notepad++ from clipboard full path, if it is exist! :)

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    I can paste clipboard content in the File name: part of the Ctrl-O Open File dialog. If the pasted text is a full file path (including its directory, its filename and fileextension), pressing Enter or clicking Open opens the file. – Lars Fischer Apr 14 '18 at 11:02
  • you are right! somehow, it didn't work for me, but now, it works properly! :) It is 3 step instead of 1 hotkey ( I should write a scrpit..): ctrl + O ctrl + V Enter But it is enough for me now. : ) – Dénes Tamási Apr 16 '18 at 8:21

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