I created a list of IO[Unit] in order to retrieve data from a list of URL. But now how I convert it back to a single IO[Unit] ?

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You can do this in the following way

val x: List[IO[Unit]] = ???

import cats.implicits._

val y: IO[List[Unit]] = x.sequence

val z: IO[Unit] = y.map(_ => ())
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    Also, you can substitute .map(_ => ()) with .void (though sequence_ mentioned below is shorter). see the scaladoc
    – Haemin Yoo
    Oct 16, 2018 at 5:25

This is just in addition to what Dmytro already said, you can actually do it in a single step by using traverse_ or sequence_. Both of these are really useful if you just don't care about the result. Code would look like this:

import cats.implicits._

val x: List[IO[Unit]] = ???

val y: IO[Unit] = x.sequence_

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