I'd like to know how I can count and display duplicate rows on my PHP website. Let's assume that my website allows one to submit a name. How do I then display these names on my website? Let's say that the names in the database are:


I'd then like the website to display the following:

John: 2
Derrick: 1
Billy: 3
Jason: 1
Wesley: 1

How can I achieve this sort of structure?

  • Have you tried anything yet? Sounds like just a mysql question. – chris85 Apr 12 '18 at 16:45
  • I don't think that is even special to mysql, more like general sql. But I think some self-initiative reading examples for all the different parts of the task is a good start. Basically two simple things are required: 1) querying a database in PHP and displaying the result, 2) performing a database query with grouped by. – Namoshek Apr 12 '18 at 16:50

Yes, you can make this:

select name, count(*) from your_table group by name

And that would return something like this:

name | count John | 2

If you want the name and the count, you can make a concat

select concat(name, ": ", count(*)) from your_table group by name

And it would return something like this:

name John: 2 (just one column)

$ps=$db->prepare("SELECT column_name, count(*) as nb FROM table_name GROUP BY column_name");
echo $data['column_name'].':'.$data['nb'].'<br/>';


$db is the connection instance

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