I am essentially trying to build a website where members can post blog entries and i want to record unique and overall page views for the different posts in absolute terms as well as over different time-frames e.g., last 24h, last week etc.

My initial approach was to use the date as primary key and the blogPostId as secondary key, i could then add all the posts visited during a given day. If i then include the userIds as an attribute i should then be able to a)get unique page views and b)overall page views (which might include duplicate visits by a specific user) for a given day. Finally, i would then pull the primary key for let's say the last 7 days and extract the most popular post.

As far as i can tell this should work fine as long as there aren't too many entries, however, i'm sceptical if this will scale. More specifically, if the number of blog posts increases a lot for a given interval, or if i want to find the all-time most viewed post i'd essentially have to read the whole table.

Has anyone an idea how i could implement this more efficiently?


DynamoDB will almost certainly work for you, and if you need an excuse to use it, by all means give it a try. If you get a ton or traffic it might end up being expensive.

Personally, I would consider using redis for what you are asking to do, and here is a pretty good/detailed question/answer on how you might implement it:

Scalable way of logging page request data from a PHP application?

  • Totally agree. Using DynamoDB for analytics use cases is bound to get both expensive and frustrating. – Mike Dinescu Apr 13 '18 at 16:16

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