I would like to run a ruby project that uses bundle as a systemd service.

The project is: https://github.com/jcs/bitwarden-ruby/

I installed ruby and bundler by running sudo apt-get install ruby-full and sudo gem install bundler

In the project directory I run bundle install --deployment.

In my systemd service I have:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/env RACK_ENV=production ALLOW_SIGNUPS=1 /usr/local/bin/bundle exec rackup -p 4567 /var/lib/bitwarden/bitwarden-ruby/config.ru

Runnning this command in the terminal does work.

However when I start the service I get an error:

bash[7924]: Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory

The bundle directory is at /var/lib/bitwarden/bitwarden-ruby/.bundle. Why can it not find it? Thanks!

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