SPSS's regression module has automatic linear modeling menu. enter image description here

it is very convenient and useful, especially if you need to make the highest quality model (via the boosting or bagging). It can automatically remove outliers or re-structure variables into groups to improve the quality of the model

I want to ask, is there an analog of such spss feature like automatic linear modeling in R?

This question about programming because i search programming desicion Spss feature(ALM), but in R.

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    Putting on my statistician hat here, to be honest the phrases "automatic linear modeling", "highest quality model", and "automatically remove outliers" sound great, but are probably almost always bad things. SPSS is offering a false promise. Maybe someone has implemented these things in R, because people can do whatever they like. Doesn't make them good ideas. – ngm Apr 13 at 15:23

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