I found this answer for an Excel VBA, but I'm having trouble converting it to Access VBA (Conditional Formatting using Excel VBA code).

Here's my current code:

    with ws
         With .Cells(1, 1).FormatConditions.Add(Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=IF($J2=""Y"";TRUE;FALSE)")
            .Font.Color = -10092544
            .StopIfTrue = False
            StrSearchCriteria = "A2:D" & lRow
            .FormatConditions(1).ModifyAppliesToRange Range(StrSearchCriteria)
        End With
        With .Cells(1, 1).FormatConditions.Add(xlCellValue, xlEqual, "=""Closed (New)""")
            .Font.Color = -16776961
            .StopIfTrue = False
            StrSearchCriteria = "A2:K" & lRow
            .FormatConditions(2).ModifyAppliesToRange Range(StrSearchCriteria)
        End With
    End With

I'm getting the error "Invalid procedure call or argument".

What am I missing? Thanks


You shouldn't need to reference the selection. Try:


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    Perfect! Thank you Erin! – LEBoyd Apr 24 '18 at 14:20

I found this answer: Adding a format condition in Excel through Access VBA.

However, when I simply try to delete any existing conditional formats (as a test of the method with code from the linked answer) I receive the error "Object does not support this property or method." The code is:

with wks
end with

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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