If the fields of my FormGroup are model-bound, ala [(ngModel)], and become populated on page load, e.g. because of a service, my Submit Button, which is guarded as [disabled]="biodataForm.status !== 'VALID'", does not become disabled. If the form comes up blank and I fill it in normally, the guard passes when the form is correctly filled out. If the same exact values are populated through the data-binding, the biodataForm.status value remains INVALID until I change the value of every field.

My feeling is that the form should recognize it has valid content after the data-bindings are populated, and its status should change from INVALID to VALID as a result... what's going wrong here?

My form markup looks like this:

  <form class="form" name="biodataForm" [formGroup]="biodataForm">
    <mat-form-field class="full-width">
      <input matInput placeholder="First Name" 
      <mat-error *ngIf="firstnameFormControl.invalid">{{getRequiredErrorMessage('firstname')}}</mat-error>        
    <mat-form-field class="full-width">
      <input matInput placeholder="Last Name" 
      <mat-error *ngIf="lastnameFormControl.invalid">{{getRequiredErrorMessage('lastname')}}</mat-error>                
    <mat-form-field class="full-width"
      hintLabel="Note: We'll send you an email with a link to click to prove it's you">
      <input matInput placeholder="Email" 
      <mat-error *ngIf="emailFormControl.invalid">{{getEmailErrorMessage()}}</mat-error>        
    <mat-form-field class="full-width">
      <input matInput placeholder="Phone" type="tel" 
      <mat-error *ngIf="phoneFormControl.invalid">{{getPhoneErrorMessage()}}</mat-error>
    <button mat-raised-button color="primary" 
      [disabled]="biodataForm.status !== 'VALID'"
      (click)="handleNext()">Next Step</button>


My Angular component surrounding this form looks like this (details omitted for clarity, full source is here):

export class WelcomeComponent {
  emailFormControl = new FormControl('', [
  firstnameFormControl = new FormControl('', [Validators.required]);
  lastnameFormControl = new FormControl('', [Validators.required]);
  phoneFormControl = new FormControl('', [
  // addressFormControl = new FormControl('', [Validators.required]);
  biodataForm: FormGroup = new FormGroup({
    email: this.emailFormControl,
    firstname: this.firstnameFormControl,
    lastname: this.lastnameFormControl,
    phone: this.phoneFormControl
    // address: this.addressFormControl

  getEmailErrorMessage() {
    return this.emailFormControl.hasError('required') ? 'You must enter a value' :
      this.emailFormControl.hasError('email') ? 'Not a valid email' : '';
  getPhoneErrorMessage() {
    return this.phoneFormControl.hasError('required') ? 'You must enter a value' :
      this.phoneFormControl.hasError('pattern') ? 'Format must be (xxx) xxx-xxxx' : '';
  getRequiredErrorMessage(field) {
    return this.biodataForm.get(field).hasError('required') ? 'You must enter a value' : '';

    public _memberdata: MemberDataService,
    private _api: ApiService,
    private _router: Router,
    private _snackBar: MatSnackBar) { }

  handleNext() {
     // ... handle button click


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The form itself can be checked with valid and invalid. The below should work:


Info on the Angular form group can be found at: https://angular.io/api/forms/FormGroup

In addition, the email and phone inputs...you are using [(value)]...change those to [(ngModel)] and it should work the way you expect.

  • Unfortunately, just tried this, behaves the same way as my posted code (re: not identifying 'valid' state with preloaded model-bound fields). Live development version is running at ithacagenerator.org/onboard if you want to have a look
    – vicatcu
    Apr 13, 2018 at 23:16
  • Edited my answer...that should do it.
    – jdgower
    Apr 13, 2018 at 23:37
  • 1
    You rock, thanks so much. That was bone-headed, thanks for the fresh eyes.
    – vicatcu
    Apr 13, 2018 at 23:40

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