I want to update an existing JSON value inside a JSON array. I can append a new JSON to the JSON array using JSON_MODIFY. Suppose i have a JSON like :

[{"id":"101","name":"John"}, {"id":"102","name":"peter"}]

But i want to update only the json with id=102.

Is it possible using JSON_MODIFY()?


Actual data

{"Details":{"SId":{"Type":"string","Value":"1234"},"BookList":{"Type":"List","Value":[{"id": "101", "name": "Book1"},{"id": "102", "name": "Book2"}]},"SName":{"Type":"string","Value":"john"}}}
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You could use CTE to parse it and combine path in UPDATE part:

WITH cte AS (
  FROM t
  WHERE i = 1
    AND JSON_VALUE(s.value, '$.id')=102
SET c = JSON_MODIFY(c, '$[' + cte.[key] + '].name', 'Joe');

DBFiddle Demo


-- Before
[{"id":"101","name":"John"}, {"id":"102","name":"peter"}]

-- After
[{"id":"101","name":"John"}, {"id":"102","name":"Joe"}]

This will work on SQL Server 2017+ or SQL Azure DB otherwise you will get error. More info about path literal

  • I have given my actual json format.How can i use cte and cross aply there?
    – Santanu
    Apr 16, 2018 at 7:00
  • Can you please suggest a solution that works in versions below SQL Server 2017? i'm getting The argument 2 of the "JSON_MODIFY" must be a string literal. error.
    – Jishad
    Sep 25, 2018 at 10:51
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    @Jishad, you could generate your update statements. Something like select 'update [yourtable] set [jsoncol] = json_modify([jsoncol], ''$[' + [key] + '].name'', ''Joe'') where id = ' + [yourtable].id from [yourtable] cross apply openjson([jsoncol]) and then execute them all with sp_executesql (of course, being wary of sql injection)
    – JohnnyFun
    Dec 22, 2018 at 0:08
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Updating JSON Data (Postgresql)

If the column in your table contains json data and you want to update this data, you can use the following structure:

UPDATE table_name SET column_name = '{"key" : value}'::jsonb 
WHERE column_name::jsonb @> '{“new_key” : new_value}'::jsonb;

Note: Usually @> is used as the "contains" operator.


The best way is to generate the statement like this:

  • In this way you, won't get the error of "Cannot resolve the collation conflict between Latin1_General_BIN and SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS"
  • Also, you won't get this error "The argument 2 of the JSON_MODIFY must be a string literal"
    WITH cte AS (
      JSON_VALUE([value], '$.id') as id,
      ,('UPDATE MyTable set JsonColumn = JSON_MODIFY(JsonColumn, ''$['+[key]+'].id'', ''NewVALUE'') WHERE PrimaryKey = '''+t.PrimaryKey COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS+ '''') as statement
      FROM MyTable t
       CROSS APPLY OPENJSON(JSON_QUERY(JsonColumn, '$')) o WHERE  JSON_VALUE(o.value, '$.Id')= 1
    select * from cte; 

Do like this:

Declare @Input nvarchar(max) = N'[{"id":"101","name":"John"}, {"id":"102","name":"peter"}]';
Declare @UpdatedItem nvarchar(max) = N'{"id":"102","name":"peter1"}'

SET @Input = JSON_MODIFY(@Input, CONCAT('$[', (SELECT [Key] FROM OPENJSON(@Input) as I WHERE JSON_VALUE(I.Value,'$.id') = "102"), ']'), JSON_QUERY(@UpdatedItem));

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