I have the following two lists
states = ('ab',['rose','cose'])
flowers = {'rose':0,'cose:0','mose:0'}

Now need the flowers dictionary to be changed to
flowers = {'rose':1,'cose:1','mose:0'}
after I loop th states

I tried this but some syntax seems to be a problem!

[flowers[i] = 1 for i in states[1] if i in flowers.keys()]

Help is really appreciated! I am not able to understand, I kept the expression first and the conditional in the last! :/

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    I hope your data structure makes sense in a wider context, because it doesn't at all from just what you've shown. There's no need for flowers to be a list, if you only ever care about the single dict value it contains. If you don't need the list, just reference the dict directly! – Blckknght Apr 15 '18 at 1:20
  • Yes, thats my mistake I meant for it be a single dict not a list. Thanks. – Paul Alwin Apr 15 '18 at 1:25

You shouldn't be using list comprehension for this problem, as you are modifying your existing list not making a new one.

for i in states[1]:
    flowers[0][i] += 1

If you insist on list comprehension:

new_flowers = [{i:states[1].count(i) for i in flowers[0]}]
>>>[{'rose': 1, 'cose': 1, 'mose': 0}]

Note this doesn't modify your original dict of flowers but instead makes a new one.


You can use collections.Counter:

import collections
counter = collections.Counter(states[-1])
new_flowers = [{a:counter.get(a, b) for a, b in i.items()} for i in flowers]


[{'rose': 1, 'cose': 1, 'mose': 0}]

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