Comparing histories on the same branch is very confusing for me on GitHub. I struggle with this regularly:

If I use compare/master in the URL after the GitHub repo name, I can compare against other branches in the repo based on the options in the drop-down menus.


However, I usually want to compare several commits on master.

How is this easily done? Could I get a more clear example?


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You can use the following URL structure to compare commits in the same branch:


Replace values for username, repo_name, commit1(old commit) & commit2(new commit) acc. to your project.

The separator between the two commits is ... i.e. 3 dots.

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    Oh, it seems there's a 2-dot notations that shows more info. Commented Nov 21, 2018 at 12:42
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    This works fine I wonder why github did not have ui for it and we have to keep modifying urls Commented Aug 28, 2019 at 2:38
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    @lilhamad, There's kind of a UI. Not great, but it's something. stackoverflow.com/questions/49837769/…
    – wisbucky
    Commented Nov 19, 2019 at 20:10
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    @AlikElzin-kilaka, "3 dots" will compare from the last common commit: git diff $(git merge-base A B) B. "2 dots" directly compares the two commits: git diff A B. Similar to git diff A...B vs git diff A..B
    – wisbucky
    Commented Nov 19, 2019 at 20:19
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    @AhmedAdewale I find there are lots of very useful features that github can't find space for in the UI!
    – stevec
    Commented Aug 23, 2020 at 13:02

TLDR: Just add /compare at the end of the URL.

You can use the Github Compare UI, which will generate the URL for you. Replace ORG and REPO with your values. The UI only lists branches, but you can also type in any valid Tags (e.g. v1.0.0) or Commit IDs (e.g. 1a2b3c).


GitHub GUI showing compare options

The URLs that get generated are in this format. You can also manually edit the URL with the REFs.


You can also use "2 dots" (direct diff) instead of "3 dots" (diff from last common commit). Same as git diff A..B vs git diff A...B.


If you want to compare across forks, then you need to add ORG2:


There is documentation, but I didn't think it was that clear: https://help.github.com/en/github/committing-changes-to-your-project/comparing-commits-across-time


The article you linked has instructions for comparing commits.

The GitHub comparison tool will accept any revision. Branches, tags, commit IDs, even dates. If you want to compare between two commits, give it the commit IDs. Here's their example.


Just go to https://github.com/USERNAME/REPOSITORY_NAME/compare to achive the comparing page

enter image description here


Use ~N to compare with N prior commits

Tips like these are often hidden in the docs so I wanted to note it here where people will find it.

compare main 1 commit ago to main now


compare 4 commits prior to this sha 0415b18


  • This is the only solution that I've seen that compares changes within the same branch Commented Mar 25 at 10:03

to see the difference between branches or tags

(branches if no pull request has been made)


  • (if a pull request has been made you can see the changes inside the PR, no longer via the compare url)

  • You can use the dropdowns to select different branches or tags: enter image description here

  • take care of the order, eg. https://github.com/PyCQA/mccabe/compare/master...0.6.1 will give no results

  • you can choose between 2-dot (..) or 3-dot (...) notation

to see the difference between commits:


Custom tabs.

Peeps, we can add a compare "custom tab" to the repository, so that we can quickly access this compare tooling.

Here is how.

  • Goto your repo landing page. https://github.com/<YOUR_ORG_NAME/<YOUR_REPO_NAME>
  • Click the "Settings" tab.
  • Click on "Custom tabs".
  • Fill in the "New tab" name.
  • Fill in the URL for compare. https://github.com/<YOUR_ORG_NAME>/<YOUR_REPO_NAME>/compare
  • Click the "Add tab" button

Now go to your repo landing page and you should now see your newly created custom tab along side the other default tabs (Pull requests, Settings and such)

  • Wow, excellent idea! Deserves far more love and visibility than it's received.
    – ardnew
    Commented Jan 26 at 18:58

I visit this page often and the top answer is great.

Today I learned you can not only use the commit SHA, but also the release tag!

Here's an example:



If you need to compare changes within a branch but on different dates, this is how you can do it:

https://github.com/<ORG_NAME>/<REPO_NAME>/compare/HEAD..HEAD@{4 weeks ago}
https://github.com/<ORG_NAME>/<REPO_NAME>/compare/HEAD@{1 week ago}..HEAD@{2021-06-01}

If anyone needs a handy UI, here you go. I made it for my projects, searching and comparing are quite tricky when I troubleshoot for cases. It helps to quickly create comparisons between the branches/tags/commits(hashes) in several clicks.

Chrome extension: GitHub Compare Online


enter image description here

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