Is there a way to keep an Ionic 3 side menu open until the user clicks on a given button?

The default behavior is that a side menu closes itself when the ion-content associated with receives a click event. I would like to override this behavior.

<ion-menu type="push" (ionClose)="execDirtyWay()" [content]="dahcontent">
    <!-- I need this menu to stay open -->
    <!-- Even if the user clicks on the below ion-content -->

<ion-content #dahcontent>
  <!-- my content is here -->

I'm using a push menu that displays a list and I need my ion-content area to be clickable without closing the said menu.

My issue is the same as this but I found none of the answers to be satisfying.

For now, I found a very dirty way to kinda get what I need:

in the ionClose event of the menu, I reopen it 。(^▽^)ゞ


I just found here a cleaner way to achieve what I wanted:

As soon as I open my menu, if I set it to disable (this.menuCtrl.enable(false, this.SHOPS_LIST_MENU_ID)), it will stay open even if we click on the content area.

I'm studying the eventual side effects of this method.

EDIT: Apprently there are some issues when interacting with the content on the ion-content area but only on the browser. On mobile, it does work fine.

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