I've made for my cms admins role now i have 2 admin roles super admin and normal admin i have a page that manage users both super admin and normal admin can see it but with different data

here's the controller code

  public function index()
        return view('admin.users.index');   

    public function usersList(){
        $super_admin_role = Role::where('name','super_admin')->first();

            $data = User::all();
            // Admin can get all users except super admin
            $super_admin = DB::table('role_user')->where('role_id',$super_admin_role->id)->first();
            $data = User::where('id','!=',$super_admin->user_id)->first();

        return DataTables::of($data)->make(true);

    // This function check if the super_admin roles exist or not
    public function super_admin_role_check(){

        $user = Auth::guard()->user();

        $super_admin_role = Role::where('name','super_admin')->first();



            // if there's no role factory create super_admin role and assign it to the super admin user
            $super_admin_role = Role::where('name','super_admin')->first();


            $permissions = Permission::all();

            // here i give all permissions to the super admin
            foreach($permissions as $permission){

        return $super_admin_role;

    // This Function Check if the user is super admin?
    public function isSuperAdmin(){
        $user = Auth::guard()->user();
        $super_admin_role = Role::where('name','super_admin')->first();
        $is_super_admin = DB::table('role_user')->where('user_id',$user->id)->where('role_id',$super_admin_role->id)->first();
        return $is_super_admin;

The problem is that when i'm login as super admin everythings goes well but when i'm login as normal admin i get error "No available engine for App\User" in \vendor\yajra\laravel-datatables-oracle\src\DataTables.php any help please?

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with this? $data = User::where('id','!=',$super_admin->user_id)->get();


Remove first(). Since you re returning only one row.

$data = User::where('id','!=',$super_admin->user_id);

This should work


I noticed that this error comes up when working with Yajra Laravel DataTables library, more specifically when you only retrieve a single model and pass it into the of(...) method.

Below are some examples of retrieving single models in which the library will throw an error (No available engine for App\\Models\\ModelName at project-root-path\\vendor\\yajra\\laravel-datatables-oracle\\src\\DataTables.php:63) when the retrieved model is passed directly into the library's DataTables::of(/* model here */)->make(true) method.

Retrieving Single Models / Aggregates

// Retrieve a model by its primary key...
$flight = Flight::find(1);

// Retrieve the first model matching the query constraints...
$flight = Flight::where('active', 1)->first();

// Alternative to retrieving the first model matching the query constraints...
$flight = Flight::firstWhere('active', 1);

I got around the issue by wrapping the retrieved model in an array. i.e:

$model = User::where('id','!=',$super_admin->user_id)->first();

DataTables::of($model ? [$model] : [])

Side note: Eloquent's first(), find()and firstWhere() methods return null if the model isn't found.

Tested with: "yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle": "~9.0" // Specifically v9.17.1

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