I need to provide select UI element with dynamic options for which I have a method that returns an observable based on the Inputs

TypeScript (Component class)

getCars(type : string, engine : string) : Observable<Cars>{
    return this.carService.getCars(type,engine);

In the HTML I make my element call this method for data

Html (Template file)

<ng-select [items]="getCars(type,engine) | async"

but this results in service being called infinitely. I do not want to use ngOnInit as I need the observable to be dynamically assigned

I'm using this UI element for select

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this is the expected behavior, and how angular change detection works, it's not a good idea to call method from the view and use a property instead

this.cars = getCars(type,engine)
  • Yup true I had it worked in a different way though:Observable<car> and then – Mahi Tej Gvp Apr 15 at 17:42

I achived it by calling this method to change the observable variable

in Component

getCars(type : string, engine : string) {

in Template

<ng-select [items]="car$ | async"

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