I have a few images I want to convert in batch using ImageMagick.

All images should be converted to a specific width, lets say 500px.

  • If an image's width is larger than 500px, scale it down and preserve the aspect ratio.
  • If an image's width is less than 500px, add borders to the sides to make it 500px wide.

The first one is possible using magick mogrify -resize 500x *, but this also scales images with a smaller width up. How can I prevent that from happening and add borders instead?

I figured I could just add -background black -gravity center but I don't know how to prevent upscaling.

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    Make a COPY of a few files and try using -resize 500x^> Apr 15, 2018 at 19:18
  • Great! That worked when I added -extent 500x too. So my final command was magick mogrify -resize '500x^>' -background black -gravity center -extent 500x *. If you add your comment as an answer I'll accept it! Apr 15, 2018 at 19:25
  • Oh... This crops images which are more than 500px wide, which is not what I want Apr 15, 2018 at 19:37

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Solved it using two separate commands for now:

Resize images larger than 500px wide:

magick mogrify -resize '500x>' *

Add borders to images smaller than 500px wide:

magick mogrify -gravity center -extent '735x<' *

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