I am looking to import a SAS table sas7dat format into postgresql. Or do i need to convert the table into csv then import? Thank you!

  • If you have the product "SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL" licensed you can use Proc COPY. I am unaware of a PostgreSQL routine that can read SAS data sets natively. – Richard Apr 15 at 20:22
  • thks!! i guess i have to do the long way. :P – jingjing liu Apr 16 at 2:19

If you have already SAS and Postgres at your organization then you probably you might have SAS/Access interface to Postgres. you can use proc setinit;run; to check whether you have SAS/Access interface to Postgres. If you have the SAS/ACCESS then you can use libname method as shown in below example.

/* define libname for postgres*/

libname A1 postgres server=mysrv1 port=5432 user=myusr1 password='mypwd1' database=mydb1;

/* define libname for SAS table*/

 libname mydata '/folders/myfolders/';

/* then use datastep or SQL to create your postgress table*/

 data A1.yourtable;
  set mydata.yourtable;

If you do not have SAS/ACCESS to postgres then you may have to do in 2 steps.(but check whether you have any etl tools available in your company)

first you have to use proc export to CSV. see the link below

Efficiently convert a SAS dataset into a CSV
then move csv data into postgres
How to import CSV file data into a PostgreSQL table?

  • Thank you so much! but sadly my company or my sas server does not have sas/access interface to postgres. – jingjing liu Apr 16 at 2:17
  • do you have any etl tool with your company – Kiran Apr 16 at 2:18

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