In SAS, I'm trying to make a table that has only 1 line for each unique key (Apl_Key). Unfortunately I have several score values (SCOR_RSLT_RAW_SCOR) for each unique key (Apl_Key); and would like to therefore just take the lowest score value for each key.

This is what part of what the table looks like without me trying to reduce it down:

enter image description here

And my code to try and change it to just the lowest score is:

enter image description here

Obviously this is not working. I'm not the most proficient SQL or SAS coder; so some help would be great!

  • Your question is about one table. Your code references multiple tables. That is confusing. Also, you should include the code in your question. – Gordon Linoff Apr 16 at 1:12
  • Sorry. The picture of the code I put in, would produce the part of the output table I put in, if it didn't have the where statement. So it is all in one table – MegW Apr 16 at 3:06

Here is one approach if you have the data in one table:

proc sql;
     select t.*
     from t
     where t.SCOR_RSLT_RAW_SCOR = (select min(t2.SCOR_RSLT_RAW_SCOR)
                                   from t t2
                                   where t2.apl_key = t.apl_key

Have you tried using group by?

Here is an example for just pulling apl_key and it's associated minimum SCOR_RSLT_RAW_SCOR. You can extend the same logic to all your other variables in the select statement.

proc sql;
create table test as
select apl_key, min(SCOR_RSLT_RAW_SCOR)
from pl_mat.ECCVStable
group by apl_key;

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