I have Button component which renders a nuxt-link or a button depending if you provide some attribute like to or type.

<div class="Btn">
    :class="['Btn__button', createAppearanceClasses]"
    :href="external ? to : false"
    <slot />

(Whereas the type is a computed property to return a nuxt-link for internal links, a a tag if it is an external link or a button if these properties are not defined)

Now we sometimes render some Buttons which open a Modal or submit. There we don't pass any type or to attribute:

<Btn :class="'FlexContent__button'" 
 {{ component.text }}

In the rendered HTML I get:

<button disabled to="" target="" type="" class="Btn__button Btn__button--rounded-corners">

If I validate this I get errors concerning these empty attributes: Attribute to not allowed on element button at this point.

How can I render the attribute to="" only if I have an actual value passed to the Btn component?

I was thinking about something like this, but this does not work: (to ? ':to="to"' : '') So I need some other solution for this.

Thanks in advance for hints.



Any attribute that is bound using v-bind to a value that is null, undefined, or false will not be rendered in the element.

Attributes and v-bind

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    That's what I thought too. Thanks to your answer, I realized that the prop had an empty default value: props: { to: { type: String, default: '', required: false }, I set the default to false and now everything is ok. thx – Merc Apr 16 '18 at 6:31

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