The new v2 react-select control is great, but by default is too large. Is there a (preferably) simple way to reduce the height to the same as a standard select control (using Bootstrap v3)?

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React-Select v2 uses emotion CSS-in-JS so the new way to control style over the select components and sub-components is by passing a style object to the styles prop. You can also set a className to style with an external stylesheet.

More/Better Info HERE

CSS-in-JS way

const customControlStyles = base => ({
    height: 50,

<Select ... styles={control: customControlStyles} ... />


<Select ... className="myClassName" ... />

.myClassName__control {
    height: 50px;
  • is there a way to get the component to autosize? I have fiddled with many of the css style keys and have come up empty on the relationship between the parts of the component to get it to size width wise based on the contents in the options. – tcoulson May 22 at 14:49
  • FYI, there is a min-height set on control of 38px. So if you want to go smaller, you need to provide a minHeight and not just a height. Eg: styles={{ control: (base, _state) => ({...base, minHeight: '20px', height: '20px'})}} – craigmichaelmartin 17 hours ago

Try passing in a value for the maxMenuHeight prop:


see documentation

You can also try to style the input field of your react-select component, as it can impact the height of the whole react-select component. In my case, this was happening through interference from materializecss.

const customStyles = {
  input: styles => {
    return {
      height: '1.8em'
const App = () => (

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