still pretty new to Firemonkey. Got a component I'm adding to a form which descends from TRectangle. Once i've drawn it out, I want to add text into it but I'm really struggling to find anywhere which documents how to do this. Can anyone suggest anything or point me in the right direction?


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    In Firemonkey any component can have any other component as a parent, so just add e.g. a Tlabel as a component to your form – Dsm Apr 16 at 11:05
  • Cheers for the swift reply there. Appreciate you taking the time to lend a hand – Alexander James Apr 16 at 16:11
  • You can add TLabel into TRectangle in design-time. Then set Alignment to Client for TLabel. That's all. You can change TextSettings for text alignment and other visual settings too. – Abdullah Ilgaz Apr 17 at 12:31
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To build on DSM's comment, this is an example of how to add a TLabel to a TRectangle (or a TRectangle descendent) in code:

  MyLabel: TLabel;
  // Create a TLabel and add it to an existing TRectangle
  MyLabel := TLabel.Create(MyRectangle);

  // Set the Parent to MyRectangle
  MyLabel.Parent := MyRectangle;

  // Align the TLabel in the center of the TRectangle
  MyLabel.Align := TAlignLayout.Center;

  // Center align the text in the TLabel
  MyLabel.TextAlign := TTextAlign.Center;

  // Set the text for the label
  MyLabel.Text := 'Test Label';
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    Thanks for this, this was really helpful. Appreciate Dsm's answer was also correct but including an example is dead useful since it gives me something to build on. – Alexander James Apr 16 at 16:11

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