We had issues in faking traps by using validation traps for testing.

We have a scenario, where alert trap is followed by clear trap from a router to NMS mgr. These two traps have varbinds coming from tabular objects of MIB

Testing with validation traps is not really helping to test the real traps.

Can any snmp trap be faked using trap generators?


Any good SNMP simulator can generate any trap you want in any sequence with any variable bindings to test your application.


You can use on Linux the Net-SNMP utility snmptrap. It allows to send any kind of trap to your Trap receiver.

The following example sends a trap to destination and adds a String with the content just now!. The SNMP version is 2c and the community is set to public.

snmptrap -v 2c -c public '' . s 'just now!'"`

If you need to simulate also the senders IP address you can reuse this simple script which some of us use from time to time in our OpenNMS community to debug or simulate SNMP Traps.


Try installing the net-snmp util packages first via yum which would give you snmptrap command. Make sure that your /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file has proper destination IP's and Community String set pointing towards the destination server and make sure that the Community String is defined the same on both. Then restart snmpd service Then go ahead and send the trap as belows snmptrap -v 2c -c community-string host-ip/host-name

You would require the OID of the event that you are trying to simulate usually you can find them only or you could perform the snmpwalk command which i suppose would be the longer way around.

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