What is a good way to get people to alpha test a web application that I am making. I want people to use it and to get feedback about in what ways I need to change it (cus there are a lot, but what is most important?)

Description: http://adamlerman.blogspot.com/2008/07/budgetjax.html
Site: http://www.budgetjax.com for app. (No real docs)

Very rough right now.

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Invite friends that you know to play with the thing, call up a select few of your customers that you have contacts with. If it's a mainstream app, you will probably wind up just releasing it to one or two customers and having them critique it. Also remember to always dog food it.


Lets try the stackoverflow way:

  1. Leverage your highly popular blog (and that of a friend) to garner interest.
  2. Build up anticipation for the site over several months with a weekly podcast (which occasionally talks about your site, Be sure to debate whether or not people should learn C.)
  3. Launch a private beta -- by now you should have > 500 people interested!

Now how to monetize the thing...

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