Here is the class I am trying to autowire:

package com.myproject.propdrone.lib;

import com.mongodb.MongoClient;
import org.mongodb.morphia.Datastore;
import org.mongodb.morphia.Morphia;
import org.mongodb.morphia.mapping.MapperOptions;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

class MongoDriver {
    private final Morphia morphia;
    private final Datastore datastore;

    MongoDriver() {
        morphia = new Morphia();
        datastore = morphia.createDatastore(new MongoClient(), "propdrone");
        MapperOptions options = morphia.getMapper().getOptions();

    Datastore getDatastore() {
        return datastore;

Here is the class where I am autowiring it:

package com.myproject.propdrone.lib;
//other imports here
public class BuildingDataDAO {
    private MongoDriver mongoDriver;
    private Datastore datastore;
    private List<BuildingData> allBuildingData;

    public BuildingDataDAO() {
        datastore = mongoDriver.getDatastore(); // THIS FAILS
        allBuildingData = getAllBuildingData();
    // other class definitions

I am getting a NullPointerException thrown for the mongoDriver variable.

The main application class sits in the package com.myproject and it is annotated with @SpringBootApplication so it should automatically scan those components. But I don't understand why it is failing.

EDIT: I have modified BuildingDataDTO to use a @PostConstruct but I am still facing the issue:

    private void initDatastore() {
        datastore = mongoDriver.getDatastore();

In a different class I am instantiating BuildingDataDTO normally as:

private final BuildingDataDAO buildingDataDAO = new BuildingDataDAO();

and when a method is called on buildingDataDAO which uses datastore, I get a NullPointerException.

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    You need to remove the private access specifier whenever you use @Autowiredannotation. – pkgajulapalli Apr 16 at 17:08
  • I made the mongoDriver variable in BuildingDataDTO public but it still doesn't work. – conquester Apr 16 at 17:11
  • Oh.. I didn't see the constructor inside BuildingDataDAO. You should remove the constructor and initialize the remaining attributes while declaring them or create beans for each of those attributes and initialize them with @Autowired annotation. – pkgajulapalli Apr 16 at 17:14
  • How do you expect Spring to inject a dependency into an object that is still being constructed? You are trying to access the field in the constructor, however the field is getting injected after the object has been constructed. Either use constructor injection instead of field injection of use an @PostConstruct annotated method to do the initialization. – M. Deinum Apr 16 at 17:37
  • @M.Deinum Done that. Still failing. I have edited the question. – conquester Apr 16 at 18:10

two issues: 1. disable SpringBoot's autoconfiguration example:

@SpringBootApplication(exclude={MongoAutoConfiguration.class,   MongoDataAutoConfiguration.class})
    public class TestMorphiaApplication {

        public static void main(String[] args) {
  , args);
  1. the following works with your example

    @Component public class BuildingDataDAO { @Autowired private MongoDriver mongoDriver; private Datastore datastore;

    public BuildingDataDAO() {
    private void init() {
      datastore = mongoDriver.getDatastore();


You never initialized the mongoDriver object.

Add this:

mongoDriver = new MongoDriver();
  • You don't do that in an autowired Spring component. – Makoto Apr 16 at 17:15
  • Apologies, I wasn't familiar with that – Damien Q Apr 16 at 17:15
  • You should edit or delete the answer. – bibliophilsagar Nov 22 at 11:43

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