I'm trying to make a Supreme Bot (https://supremenewyork.com) based on python requests Only complex thing is checkout. For checkout you need to send some data like order cookies, ship data and recaptcha response.

Full list of data you can see, if you'll try to checkout by adding some item to your basket and going to https://supremenewyork.com/checkout

that's it

To get valid recaptcha response I use 2captcha service. My full script you could see here: https://pastebin com/KzUniPhZ (Dot needed between pastebin and com) (Sorry, it's a bit messy, I'm testing it)

When I use python requests in bundle with selenium, it works fully, in status.json file it responses with "Failure Reason: Credit Card" (Testing with blocked card)


But when I use only python requests, it sends POST request, BUT!

It shows me "Failure Reason:null" that means that I made smth incorrectly, but I don't know what.

enter image description here

Thanks for help!

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