I am writing a service using JPA and Hibernate as the JPA Provider. I want to manually demarcate the transaction. For this I am using PlatformTransactionManager to start, commit and rollback transaction. I am doing this using an interceptor before my API is called which would do the necessary transactions.

public class MyInterceptor {

    private PlatformTransactionManager txManager;

    public Object intercept(APIInvoker invoker, Object API,
                            Object... parameters) throws {
        MyAPI activity = (MyAPI) API;

        DefaultTransactionDefinition def = new DefaultTransactionDefinition();

        // explicitly setting the transaction name

        TransactionStatus status = txManager.getTransaction(def);

        try {

            Object result = invoker.invoke(API, parameters);

            return result;
        } catch (Throwable e) {

            if (!status.isCompleted()) {
            throw e;

My confusion is what if I have to do a commit in between my API before the API call ends. What is the standard way to do this? Below is the option that I can think of -

  1. Store the transaction status in a thread local variable and use that to commit the transaction in between my API.

    public class MyAPI {

    public Response performOperation(Request request) {
      // validate input
      // perform operation
      // commit to database


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