I have a dataframe with a column containing time values in the "HH:MM:SS" format. I have written a function to convert this to fractional values

convertTime = function(ttime){
  ttime2 =strsplit(ttime,":")
  h = as.numeric(ttime2[[1]][1])
  m = as.numeric(ttime2[[1]][2])
  hh = h + m/60


[1] 0.4791667

This works fine. However when I attempt to apply this to a whole column I receive an error:

data = data.frame(c("17:30:00", "13:00:00", "19:30:00"))
colnames(data) = c("timeString")
decimalTime = apply(data$timeString, 2, convertTime)

Error in apply(dat$gameTime, 2, convertTime) : dim(X) must have a positive length

Perhaps I am not correctly using the apply function. In anycase, if you could point out what I'm doing wrong, I'd be grateful!

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    This could also be vectorised using R's datetime functions: xp <- as.POSIXlt(x, format="%H:%M:%S", tz="UTC"); difftime(xp, trunc(xp, units="days"), units="days") where x is your character vector of times. – thelatemail Apr 17 at 2:53
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Based on the function, we can loop through the elements and then apply

sapply(as.character(data$timeString), convertTime)
#  17:30:00  13:00:00  19:30:00 
#0.7291667 0.5416667 0.8125000 

Instead of doing the sapply loop outside the function, the function can be changed

convertTime2 <- function(ttime) {
  ttime2 <- strsplit(ttime,":")
   sapply(ttime2, function(x) {x1 <- as.numeric(x)
             (x1[1] + x1[2]/60)/24

#[1] 0.4791667
#[1] 0.7291667 0.5416667 0.8125000

The apply will not work because data$timeString is a vector or column of dataset and apply needs a dimensional object i.e. either matrix or data.frame.

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    Thank you! Clear explanation and great solution. – user3725021 Apr 17 at 2:19

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