I have a data project (.net standard 2.0) with Entity FrameWork Core 2.0.2 and SQL Server, Sqlite and PostgreSql providers.

I have more three projects for presentation in Windows Forms, WPF and UWP.

When I run the Windows Forms and WPF, Entity Framework Core works fine for all providers, but when I try to run the SQL Server provider on UWP, it throw this

enter image description here

The error occurred in the method EnsureCreatedAsync:

public async Task InitDataBaseAsync(DataBaseConfig config)
   using (var db = GetDataContext(config))
      // Postgresql and Sqlite do not throw exception in UWP.
      await db.Database.EnsureCreatedAsync();

I checked the three platforms connection string, the connection are the same.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

  • Is the server running on the same machine as the app? UWP has some restrictions regarding this... – thezapper Apr 17 '18 at 12:23
  • Yes, running on my localhost – Marks Apr 17 '18 at 12:44
  • Have you checked the Enterprise Authentication option In the Capabilities tab? – Nico Zhu - MSFT Apr 18 '18 at 8:32
  • I had not checked, but after checking the error persist When I use data project on windows forms work normally – Marks Apr 19 '18 at 1:58
  • The inner exception show : The operation completed successfully and stacktrace >> at System.Data.SqlClient.SNI.SSRP.GetPortByInstanceName(String browserHostName, String instanceName) at System.Data.SqlClient.SNI.SNIProxy.CreateTcpHandle(DataSource details, Int64 timerExpire, Object callbackObject, Boolean parallel) – Marks Apr 19 '18 at 2:00

I changed the connection string to use TCP/IP


Data Source=xpt/SqlServerExpress;Initial Catalog=gestao_eficaz;User ID=sa;Password=somePassword


Data Source=,1433;Initial Catalog=gestao_eficaz;User ID=sa;Password=somePassword

It is also necessary to enable the TCP / IP connection in the sql server


Now works !!!


Enabling and starting the SQL Browser service fixed the problem for me. That avoids messing around with IP addresses and TCP ports.

Integrated security would not work, however, I had to revert to SQL User ID and password.

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