I am using an api which gives me the size of an image, such as 200KB (can be MBs also). Now I need to perform some action on images below a specific size. What I am trying to achieve is something like this:

String imgSize = img.getSize();
if(imgSize < 250KB) {
  // Do Something

I can't use the relational operator here. What could be the best way to achieve this?

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In addition to the previous answer, you can also do something like this. Convert the size to a size in bytes, then use Integer.parseInt(String s) to get an int value that you can check against.

String bytes = size.replace("KB", "000").replace("MB", "000000");

if (Integer.parseInt(bytes) <= 250000) {
    //Do something.

If you're dealing with fractional numbers, this can work.

Map<String, Integer> conversions = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
conversions.put("KB", 1000);
conversions.put("MB", 1000000);

//Get numbers from String.
double doubleSize = Double.parseDouble(size.replaceAll("[A-Z]+$", "")); 
//Get units from String.
String units = size.replaceAll("[0-9.]", "");  

double bytes = doubleSize * conversions.get(units);

if (bytes <= 250000) {
    //Do something.
  • Awesome idea... – Roshana Pitigala Apr 17 at 6:32
  • @Riaan, Will that scenario work in case I am getting image of size 90.52KB. Then it will be 90.52000. Thanks – Vivek Dhiman Apr 17 at 7:31
  • @VivekDhiman - no, if you have fractional numbers you'll have to use another approach. – Riaan Nel Apr 17 at 7:40
  • Can you please update the answer accordingly. – Vivek Dhiman Apr 17 at 8:33
  • @VivekDhiman - sure. This is similar to what the other answers have suggested though. – Riaan Nel Apr 17 at 11:57

Determine whether the imgSize is in KB or MB. Convert it to KB if in MB and use it.

String imgSize = "";
int imgSizeKB = 0;

switch (imgSize.toUpperCase()) {
    case "KB":
        imgSizeKB = (Integer.parseInt(imgSize.split("KB")[0]));
    case "MB":
        imgSizeKB = (Integer.parseInt(imgSize.split("MB")[0]) * 1024);

if(imgSizeKB < 250){
    // Do Something

Now you can use if statements as imgSizeKB is an int.

Check with:


Extract the number with a regex and multiply accordingly.

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