I know there are plenty of ways to run git on my server, but I quite like the functionality of git with repo browsing - the fact that i can look at previous versions in the web interface.

Now was I able to, I'd use github, but the problem is our source control rules are very strict and we aren't allowed to put files on other servers, even if they are encrypted.

Is there a script that allows us to run a github like interface, or rather one that allows me to browse the revision history of the git project through a web interface?

I'm running a LAMP server, but would consider alternate languages like python, perl etc should nothing in php be available.

interested in both paid and open source softwares


The webapp behind Gitorious is open-source. You can have an interface exactly like it from your web server. It doesn't have all the Github bells and whistles but it has source browsing, revision history, commits, etc.

It's rails, which might not be optimal for you, but it's also free :-)


Git itself comes with Gitweb, which is a basic browser interface to a Git repository. It allows browsing arbitrary versions of the tree.

You can see Gitweb in action at http://git.kernel.org


I know this is a late response, but there is a fabulous PHP application call gitlist. http://gitlist.org/

It works great and looks beautiful.


If you are willing to pay you can get your own installation of Github. It's called Github Enterprise and it charges on a per user basis (roughly $5000/year for every 20-seat license). They provide you with a VM and you supply the infrastructure to run it on.

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