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HTML5 input type date shows the format of date as specified in the system. I want to change that for everyone without changing my system date format.

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Not possible.

the <input type=date...> will pick up the client system default date format but will always store the value in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd)

Taken from MDN:

... as we mentioned earlier, with a date input, the actual value is always normalized to the format yyyy-mm-dd.

One way around this is to put a pattern attribute on your date input.
Even though the date input doesn't use it, the text input fallback will.

<input type="date" required pattern="[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}">

The best way to deal with dates in forms in a cross-browser way at the moment is to get the user to enter the day, month, and year in separate controls (<select> elements being popular; see below for an implementation), or to use a JavaScript library such as jQuery date picker.

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