I am making an application and I want to design a Loading Starting interface in my aplication . I have an image displaying my application name. what I want is that I have a .gif aniamted loading icon and I want to display it on the first Screen. I have designed my first screen just I needed. Some help that it should display that .gif animated loading image and then wait for some time after that open my next activity. Please help me....

Thanks a bunch in advance.


I agree with Ted on this one too, but it sounds like you may just want to show a logo for some time without doing any background work. If you are looking for something that finishes based on time instead of work, check out the code below:

                 waitTimer = new CountDownTimer(60000, 300) {

                 public void onTick(long millisUntilFinished) {
                    //called every 300 milliseconds, which could be used to
                        //display some crude animation

                 public void onFinish() {
                     //After 60000 milliseconds (60 sec) finish current 
                         //activity and open next activity           

But Ted has the correct answer for a true loading screen that finishes after work has been completed.


Sounds like a job for AsyncTask. You implement a doInBackground method to do whatever setup you want and wait until the user has read your promo (er, loading) screen. In onPostExecute (which runs on the UI thread), start your app's main activity and finish() the loading screen.


Just on the other note, Android doesn't support .gif animations. You'll have to use ProgressDialog instead.

Rest, as an answer, I'll go with what Ted has said.

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