I am trying to edit a a paper in Latex. But it make some problems in Reference section. I deleted three citation from reference file and remove citation name Like, \cite{X...} from the paper content. But still the citation are showed in the original pdf file. I need a suggestion, what would be solution or better way to do this.

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Check the *.log files: you should understand better what's going on. However, citations handling has several steps (simplified version):

  1. latex file.tex outputs a file.aux with the citations
  2. bibtex file.tex outputs a file.bbl with the references
  3. one more (or even more) latex file.tex is needed to get the article with both references and citations

The complete flow (taken from Goosens, Mittelbach, and Samarin (1994) The LaTeX Companion, Figure 12.1, p. 375) is: [(http://www.zapata.org/stuart/latex/bibtex_process.jpg)]

  • Thank you for your valuable information. I did it. The problem was happening for bbl and aux file. I edit it afterwords the problem is solved. – Nayan Apr 18 at 12:48

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