While running the minikube start in windows 10, getting the following error.

Error : Error restarting cluster: restarting kube-proxy: waiting for kube-proxy to be up for configmap update: timed out waiting for the condition

Please help me resolve the give issue, I delete the minikube and restarted many time.

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I faced the same issue on Centos 7

minikube delete


minikube start

solved my issue


I was getting the same error on mac os, tried almost everything but finally, this comment on GitHub saved my life :)
see steps

Now minikube has started as expected:

enter image description here


Below steps works for me :

Note : Do not work with root user

$ sudo minikube stop

$ sudo minikube delete

$ sudo rm -rf ~/.minikube

$ sudo minikube start --kubernetes-version=v1.12.4

you can specify any existing kubernetes version of your choice with prefix v compulsory

make sure .minikube directory created in users home directory but not in /root

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