I am developing webapp with spring boot in the backend and react in the frontend (i use create-react-app to be specific). Now i thought it would be the easiest solution to have the frontend app served by spring whenever a root-level request comes in or even a request for any route thats not occupied by my backend API.

To integrate local fonts, i declare the font in index.css of my frontend:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'TheFont';
    src: local('TheFont'), url(./fonts/TheFont/TheFont.ttf) format('truetype');

The font file is (in my project) located at src/fonts. Running it on the development server (npm start) everything works fine. But when i build the app and copy it to resources/static/ in my spring boot backend, the fonts are not displayed while everything else works as expected.

The most confusing thing about this is that when i search the source of the website in my browser and follow the link to the rendered css and then the url to the font file (which looks like ../../static/media/TheFont.9f30b69a.ttf) and request for that file directly via localhost:8080/static/media/TheFont.9f30b69a.ttf, i get the font file!
The path to the rendered css file is static/css/main.767343db.css, so the relative path to the font should be OK.

BTW i set "homepage" : "." in the package.json of the react app to get asset paths relative to the index.html file (as recommended in the many posts and examples i read).

What am i doing wrong? Could this be caused by the fact that i serve the frontend with the spring boot backend app?

Thank you for your help!

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This question is getting old now and was not answered at the time. It has 440 views, so it seems like many people are having similar problems. I solved this problem back in the days and want to let you know how, so everyone stranding here gets some insight:

1) index.css
I kept using the index.css as described in the question, so the font face definitions and paths to the font files look like this:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'TheFont';
    src: local('TheFont'), url(./fonts/TheFont/TheFont.ttf) format('truetype');

2) package.json
Then, in the package.json, i just didn't use the homepage property at all. The dev server ignores it anyway and later, when i needed a different path for my app in production, i set the homepage property to /mypath/ without playing around with the . to get relative paths or something, it just worked without it.

3) Spring static resources
I just copied the build of my React app to src/main/resources/static of my Spring project, so the path to the index.html was src/main/resources/static/index.html and the fonts ended up in src/main/resources/static/static/media/TheFont.ttf (two static folders because one by Spring and the other is part of the React build structure).

I hope this helps some of you who face this problem, too.

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