I am going to use DynamicPDF plugin to export pdf from backend list in OctoberCMS. But I don't know how to use this plugin with export button in backend list. So I hope your kind assistance. Thank you.


Yes you can, Just follow this steps.

1. Add link for export

add this code to your _list_toolbar.htm [ you can find this file inside your plugin and controller's view files ]

<div data-control="toolbar">
    <!-- ..some default code... -->

    <a href="<?= Backend::url('hardiksatasiya/timetracker/timelog/export') ?>" 
        class="btn btn-primary oc-icon-sign-out">export</a>


note: replace link Url with your author/plugin/controller then leave export action name as it is

2. Creating template for our PDF file in DynamicPDF Plugin

Create New template

Set It's code : export-data-pdf [I am using this but you can use your own]

(make sure this code we will use later to generate PDF)

Set It's HTML

<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse;">        
    {% for header in headers %}
        <th>{{ header }}</th>
    {% endfor %}
    {% for record in records %}
        {% for data in record %}
            <td>{{ data }}</td>
        {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}        

Save it.

3. Add export named action inside your controller [As you said DynamicPDF is installed so we can use \Renatio\DynamicPDF\Classes\PDF in it] . This action will generate your PDF file, and we call this action from STEP-1 link.

public function export()
    $lists = $this->makeLists();
    $widget = reset($lists);

    /* Add headers */
    $headers = [];
    $columns = $widget->getVisibleColumns();
    foreach ($columns as $column) {
        $headers[] = \Lang::get($column->label);

    /* Add records */
    $getter = $this->getConfig('export[useList][raw]', false)
        ? 'getColumnValueRaw'
        : 'getColumnValue';

    $model = $widget->prepareModel();
    $results = $model->get();
    $records = [];
    foreach ($results as $result) {
        $record = [];
        foreach ($columns as $column) {
            $value = $widget->$getter($result, $column);
            if (is_array($value)) {
                $value = implode('|', $value);
            $record[] = $value;
        $records[] = $record;
    return \Renatio\DynamicPDF\Classes\PDF::loadTemplate('export-data-pdf',
        ['headers' => $headers, 'records' => $records])->stream('export.pdf');

4. Customization

As this code will read your list-config and generate PDF according to it but if you want to customize it you can edit given export action and generate your data set according to that. And PDF template changes you can do from DynamicPDF plugin.

If any doubts please comment.

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