Are there any ag-grid performance display upgrades from free to the enterprise version? As in, if I upgrade to ag-grid enterprise, will I have the ability to view more rows of data with less lag when scrolling compared to the free version?


Speed of rendering is not changed by upgrading to ag-grid enterprise version.

In enterprise version, you can control how much data you want to bring to the UI, example, if it is grouped by few columns, your backend handler can bring only what a user see in grid. There is lot of control over how we bring data to the UI.

Enterprise provides rich features like Pivoting, Aggregation, Clipboard, Column Menu,Context Menu, Exporting to Excel, Grouping of rows, Master Details pattern, Tree design, tool panel and so on. See more here and look for features with .

On the other hand if you are looking to improve performance on UI, then you may consider the following:

  • Avoid custom cell renderers unless it is critical. And even you need one, go for plain JS instead of frameworks
  • Increase rowBuffer (by default it's 10)
  • Avoid using animations.
  • Use batchUpdateRowData() which executes updates in batch after 50ms unlike updateRowData() which is executed immediately. Read more

Note: Delay in execution is driven by property batchUpdateWaitMillis.

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