I am using System.drawing.common in my project, and it worked fine in .net core.

Now I am trying to use System.drawing.common in Mono.Android project and Xamarin.ios project. Some problem occured:

1, I create a Mono.Android lib project, and install System.drawing.common with NuGet. It seems to be successful, but after installing, I can not find System.drawing.common in the "reference" list. I tryed to use "System.Drawing.Bitmap", but can not find Bitmap class.

2, I checked the package folder, such as "\packages\System.Drawing.Common.4.5.0-preview2-26406-04\lib". In the "netstandard2.0" folder, there is a DLL. In "MonoAndroid10" folder, there is a 0KB file named ".".

So, how can I use System.drawing.common in Mono.Android and Xamarin.ios?


According to this Issue, it seems you need to get copy System.Drawing.Common.dll manually to the output folder. Or you could try to update your VS.


As I understand it, Xamarin/Android is not supported yet. I went through the process of porting my rendering code to netstandard 2.0, using System.Drawing.Common, and manually copied the dll to my app folder. Finally the exception I got from System.Drawing.Common was "PlatformNotSupported".

From discussions over at the netstandard/netcore dev forums it seems that a fix is scheduled for netstandard 3.0.

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