I have a list of dictionaries, and I want one specific value. The queue-port's node_port.

            "name": "queue-port",
            "node_port": 32614,
            "port": 5672,
            "protocol": "TCP",
            "target_port": 5672
            "name": "cluster-port",
            "node_port": 31018,
            "port": 4369,
            "protocol": "TCP",
            "target_port": 4369
            "name": "dist-port",
            "node_port": 30732,
            "port": 25672,
            "protocol": "TCP",
            "target_port": 25672

I know how to do this in python with lambda or a generator expression, I'm stuck when it comes to ansible accomplishing the same results. It is an object generated from the openshift_raw module, so I might be just too noobish with python/ansible and making this more complicated then necessary.

register: opnshft_raw

{{ opnshft_raw.results[0]['result']['spec']['ports'] }} is the list I am trying to search through.

>>> (item for item in results if item["name"] == "queue-port").next()['node_port']
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you need to parse the list variable in a loop with the set_fact module, and set a new variable to the value when the condition is met.


  - name: parse and find value
      my_variable: "{{ item.node_port }}"
    when: item.name == "queue-port"
    with_items: "{{ your_list_variable_name }}"

  - name: print results
      var: my_variable
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