My dataset looks like this:

ID Time  Date_____v1 v2 v3 v4   
1 2300 21/01/2002 1 996 5 300

1 0200 22/01/2002    3             1000     6          100

1 0400 22/01/2002    5             930      3          100

1 0700 22/01/2002    1             945      4          200

I have 50+ cases and 15+ variables in both categorical and measurement form (although SPSS will not allow me to set it as Ordinal and Scale I only have the options of Nominal and Ordinal?).

I am looking for trends and cannot find a way to get SPSS to recognise each case as whole rather than individual rows. I have used a pivot table in excel which gives me the means for each variable but I am aware that this can skew the result as it removes extreme readings (I need these ideally).

I have searched this query online multiple times but I have come up blank so far, any suggestions would be gratefully received!

  • Your question is really hard to understand. Maybe you can better explain what you are trying to do + add a sample of the desired data structure. In any case look up casestovars command - that would be my first guess. – eli-k Apr 20 at 9:37

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