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I am trying to understand why is map so slower than list comprehension in the following case:

%time numbers=[np.log(abs(x)) for x in norm.cdf(np.random.uniform(0,1, iterations))]

Wall time: 93.7 ms


def mc_log(random_uniform):
    return np.log(abs(norm.cdf(random_uniform)))

%time result=list(map(mc_log,np.random.uniform(0,1, iterations)))

Wall time: 4.54 s


%time squared = list(map(lambda x: mc_log(x), np.random.uniform(0,1, iterations)))

Wall time: 4.75 s

I am using Python3 in ipython notebook.

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    Overhead of double function invocation…? A def wrapped in a lambda – deceze Apr 20 '18 at 9:21

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