I'm confused with which the Cython C++ compilation. I have an algorithm that I have implemented in C++, I either call it from C++ or from python through a Cython wrapper. The wrapping part of the code takes a negligible amount of time, but the algorithm runs ~10x faster if I don't use Cython.

The Cython running time is very similar to the C++ time without optimization.

I compile my program like this:

setup(ext_modules = cythonize(Extension(
           sources=["cpp/wrap.pyx", "cpp/count_inliers.cpp", 
                    "cpp/max_depth.cpp", "cpp/misc.cpp", "cpp/solver.cpp", 
                    "cpp/vec3.cpp" , "cpp/wrapper.cpp"], 
           extra_link_args = ["-std=c++17"]

Removing the -O3 option does not changing the running time.

wrap.pyx import numpy as np cimport numpy as np # for np.ndarray np.import_array() #verk important (seg faults)

cdef extern from "wrapper.h": void wrapper(double*, double*, int, double, double*)

cpdef max_depth_cpp(np_v1, np_v2, eps):
    cdef np.ndarray[double, ndim=2, mode='c'] v1 = np_v1
    cdef np.ndarray[double, ndim=2, mode='c'] v2 = np_v2
    cdef np.ndarray[double, ndim=1, mode='c'] t
    t = np.zeros(3, dtype=np.double)

    wrapper(&v1[0,0], &v2[0,0], len(v1), eps, &t[0])
    return t


#include "wrapper.h"
#include "solver.h"

void wrapper(double* v1_in, double* v2_in, int N,  double eps, double* t){
    solver(v1_in, v2_in, N, eps, t);   //changes t

Solver just calls my calls my C++ method. It copties all the data from the numpy arrays first, but that takes very little of the total time

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    "The running time is also very similar to when I run the function as a pure C++ function, without optimization." - do you mean "a pure Python function"? However, this seems like the sort of thing that depends entirely on all the code that you're not showing. – DavidW Apr 20 '18 at 13:11
  • Thanks for the help, I added more information. I timed the function call and it takes like 10x longer to run it like this, than with normal c++ – Johan Apr 20 '18 at 17:43
  • I'd guess this might be to do with multithreading, but I don't think it's possible for me to be certain – DavidW Apr 21 '18 at 7:52

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