I am having trouble with this particular method. The method is being used to ask the user which course pre-requisites they have. When I call on the method later in my program to return the values entered by the user, the program completely skips the first input.

For example, if the user entered "CS 120, CS 125, CIS 130", the program only displays "CS 125, CS 130".

Thanks for your help!

//This method gathers the user's course pre-requisites
   public static String getPreReqs(String preReqs, String list){
    int i = 1;  
    System.out.print("List pre-requisite #1(enter done, if finished entering pre-requisites)? ");
    preReqs = console.nextLine();

    list += preReqs;
      list += preReqs + " ";
      System.out.print("List pre-requisite #" + i + "(enter done, if finished entering pre-requisites)? ");
      preReqs = console.nextLine();
      return list;
      }//ends getPreReqs method
  • it seems those 2 lines before the while aren't necessary list += preReqs; console.nextLine(); did you try to remove them? – shahaf Apr 20 at 20:30
  • This could be solved in a much more logical fashion. Have you considered storing the prereqs in a data structure, then iterating through that later to print them? – C Henry Apr 20 at 20:32
  • @shahaf I tried that and it still omitted the first user input. – Jared Apr 20 at 20:38
  • @CHenry I am new to Java and have not learned how to implement data structures such as arrays yet. – Jared Apr 20 at 20:42
  • @Jared can you provide the input? it is one pre requisites per line, right? – shahaf Apr 21 at 0:14

didn't understand your use case and input, so did something I think should be in the right direction

public static String getPreReqs(){
    int i = 1;
    Scanner console =  new Scanner(System.in);
    StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder();
    result.append("Pre-requisites are: ");
    while (true){
        System.out.print("List pre-requisite #"+ i +"(enter done, if finished entering pre-requisites)? ");
        String preReqs = console.nextLine();

        if (preReqs.toLowerCase().equals("done"))

        result.append(preReqs).append(" ");
        i += 1;
    return result.toString();

I used StringBuilder cause it's provide better performance when concatenating strings

let me know how far away I am from your use-case and I'll try to adjust my solution

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