I have an application using active admin with devise in production. I try to add user_role to the table admin_users. I also want to validate if the role name is chosen when creating a new admin user. so I add validates :role_id, :presence => true in rails model.

When I run my new migrations on the old database, everything works fine. But when I try to apply the migrations from scratch, the old migration for creating admin user fails because of the validation added in a model, saying undefined method error.

Without changing the old migrations and by having the validation when creating admin users from UI, Is it possible to overcome this situation


I have faced this issue and the best solution to me seems to be to modify the model inside the migration and remove the problematic validation (for the duration of the migration) by opening the model's class.

Let's say you have a model Employee and a validation on a column firstname is interfering with a particular migration. Assuming you're using Rails 4.2, this should work:

class CreateStoreFromPreferences < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    Employee.class_eval do

      _validate_callbacks.each do |callback|
        if callback.raw_filter.respond_to? :attributes
          callback.raw_filter.attributes.delete :firstname

    # actual migration code goes here

In general, no, there is no guarantee old migrations will remain reusable as models evolve. If you need to rebuild test or development databases use rake db:schema:load Google this command and you will find several good articles.

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