I perform a tail on 3 files and then create a new file, when I go to sort this new file it says it cannot be accessed. So in the code $a,$b and $c are text files. So how can i get this to sort the new file?

tail -q -n -5 $a $b $c > file.txt
sort file.txt -o file.txt


tail -q -n -5 $a $b $c | sort > file.txt
  • @user616731: The reason the original doesn't work is that sort cannot read from and write to file.txt at the same time. This answer is the preferred way to do it, though you could also use a different temporary file, e.g. sort file.txt -o result.txt. – Daniel Gallagher Feb 14 '11 at 20:16

What version of sort? For GNU coreutils 7.4 it works for me.

If you were doing

sort file.txt > file.txt

it wouldn't work because the redirection would truncate the file before sort read from it. However, when I do an strace, it reveals that sort -o doesn't write to the output file until the end.

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